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About the Art and Artist

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For the past 14 years, the Space Symposium commemorative space art poster has been a treasured keepsake. The 29th National Space Symposium poster, designed by artist Richard Green, speaks to the aspects that drive all of us in the space industry: the wonder of new, unexplored worlds; the challenge of technological feats not yet attempted; the visceral excitement of a rocket launch; the lure of knowledge undiscovered and the promise of a future better than the present.

The poster is being distributed to promote the 29th National Space Symposium and it will be distributed to Symposium attendees at the Space Foundation booth in the Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center. In addition to being used as a poster, Green's artwork is driving the design for all 29th National Space Symposium advertising, collateral, signage and promotional materials, as well as this website.

About the Artist

Richard Green, a senior environment/cinematics/concept artist in the video game industry for more than 18 years, is best known for his space, 3D and interactive game designs. Among the interactive game titles to his credit are: Rebel Assault; Rebel Assault 2; Star Wars: Rebellion; Full Throttle; Star Wars X-Wing: Alliance; Star Trek Bridge Commander; Secret Weapons over Normandy; Supreme Commander; and DC Universe Online.

Green's design company, Artbot, produces games, 3D designs and artwork for LucasArts Entertainment Company, Maxval Drawings, Enterprise Productivity Systems, Paccar, Totally Games, Design Annex, Lucas Learning, Ltd., Soo Hoo Design and the Space Foundation. He has also held design positions with LucasArts Entertainment Company, Mondo Media/Mechadeus and Argyle Design. 

Green won the Neutrino Prize in the 2009 CERN/ATLAS multimedia competition for animation depicting the life of a proton as it exists in the Large Hadron Collider's "ATLAS" module. His artwork has been published in the Ballistic Publishing books,Elemental and Expose 1, as well as multiple educational and how-to digital art books.

Green also designed the commemorative 25th anniversaryNational Space Symposium artwork for the Space Foundation in 2009, which depicted a curious child gazing at a spacewalker from the window of a space habitat of the future.

Green, who is based in Kirkland, Wash., earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial design from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Calif., and an associate of arts degree in filmmaking and general studies from Goldenwest/Orange Coast Community Colleges, Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach, Calif.

To review Green's portfolio of artwork and achievements, visit 

A Rich History of Design

To date, the Space Foundation has issued 15 Space Symposium posters, starting in 1999. The subject matter has ranged from actual space photographs to fantastical visions of the future to stunning starscapes. To see all the posters, click here.